spring wear

Easy breezy pants and a loose fitting tank top are what will get me through these Florida spring days. Here in central Florida it's best to stay away from tight fitting clothes during the hot (hot! hot! hot!) months. Sticky, sweaty, you get the idea. It's not fun. Or you could just walk around naked, but that's not cute. 

 I love that these pants can be worn and styled many different ways. And we all know leopard is a neutral. Dressed up or down, spring, summer, fall, or winter these continue to be a staple in my closet. 

What are some of the items in your closet that show up each season? I would love to know!

Tank - MNG by Mango via JCPenney ($17)
Pants - Old Navy ($15)
Sandals - Nine West via TJMaxx ($25)
Hat - Old Navy ($15)
Purse - TJMaxx ($80)
Sunnies - Old Navy ($15)
*all items from past seasons
xo, Mercedes